Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Sure feels like a tuesday.. woke up at 630 just in time to see the sun rise...and bus to campus. Sure is tough getting around vancouver in the cold. I wish it would snow in the city! It seems that all the other places surrounding funcouver are getting spoiled with snow! Speaking of which, it was a beautiful evening and I had a chance to check out a few spots that we might possibly session when the snow comes later this month (hopefully)

Spent most of my night longboarding around the neighborhood which is a rarity in the recent crummy weather we have been having. It was so cold my face was beet red and my eyes were freezing up! Hopefully we will continue to have this weather for a little while! My two friends from the next province over are coming tomorrow! So stoked! Amit and Barb! welcome to vancouver soon! I can't wait for the weekend!

My holmes cory played this! its pretty good! If i could only play half as well...

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