Monday, January 31, 2011


Today was a pretty good day! Super tired from snowboarding on the weekend but I'm always down to rip a line  at the home mountain. Hopefully I can get some more footage next weekend with matty and mike. college was pretty good today. Learned lots in my morning classes but I failed miserably at staying awake for my last class. Econ is cool but being at 5-6 on a week night sucks!!

Spent most of the day hanging out in the classroom with sarah and tyler and dan! It was a pretty well rounded day. couldn't get any hours on ping pong cause the serious players were really going at each others necks today. 


Sunday, January 30, 2011

9:15 - still slaving

Since I haven't really posted anything..
Well it has certainly been an unproductive day...up until the final hours in the evening.. I have a mid term tomorrow that I've just started studying for... stuff isn't too bad though. concept maps are boring as shit.
picked up some new lens for my goggles today. pink! Can't wait to try them out this weekend... Grouse should be generous!


Hi Bloggar!

Hello Blog!

First day using blogger..not too sure how this will turn out but hopefully it will catch on..