Friday, February 18, 2011


Wow! What a night! Matty and I went up today to get some filming in and we ran into wilbert and his holmes ronnie from hong kong (welcome to van! ) Completed one of the best tree runs of my life! almost took out my arm on a few trees and stumps... Got some good shots on some rails and jumps -  pretty full night. Then, a lightning storm hit the mountain and we were stranded up top for nearly two hours of non boarding time. Pretty fun. I couldnt call home because there was no reception so mum was worried sick! Probably the least of my worries though seeing as the lighting was close enough to light a cigarette!

Heading up to the hills again tomorrow bright and early so we'll see what happens then! Mike's coming up so it should be an epic show down. Hopefully we can try some rodeos in the powow


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