Monday, March 28, 2011

Kom ihåg att andas!

What an end to the weekend. definately sad to see my boys leave for the east but all fledglings must leave the nest sooner or later. I dont know how many more times i can say bye to them without tearin up! 

Had my first beer with ty out at the pub right after class at the gallery. rickards red is delicious! everyone must try it! time to wind down and study for finals coming up. I must do well!

Dined out tonight at some place near lansdowne. it wasn't too shabby but now i smell like meat grease. time to shower!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

nostalgisk natt

What a night
what a night
It started off by heading to the fair out by the mall. Then it started raining so we decided to hit up the club
pretty gnarly. First time going clubbing since taiwan.
I definatley miss the scene! the bouncer paid for my cover so that was pretty sick.
...aannd we'll  leave it at that ;)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ups and downs...spring is here is coming to a!

Sittin on the couch unable to sleep like normal people do at this time :). Staying up late definitely messes with the mind a little bit. For better or worse. Some days it feels depressing, like nothing is going to improve. With finals coming just around the corner I really should get cracking but its tough for sure!
Birthday is just around the corner on saturday and this weekend is going to be super busy! Mike & Sean are coming from Edmonton for a visit and I shall be glad to see them and Amie as well.
Thursday should be a wack day. I hope I can fit some snowboarding into my schedule. Its all pretty hectic seeing as we have to scrap most of the footage we worked so hard to shoot. Oh well. I just hope it doesn't push the release date too far back. Perhaps we may get 100% keep/approve-able footage. Throw in  a mix of jibbing as well as some cliff drops.
So many things need attention right now that it feels like my head might explode. but then, stepping back and observing from afar.. it seems that life is quite empty. Perhaps I should just take a stance and stick with it...?

I might have posted this video before, but im sure ill post it again in the future. love!


Monday, March 14, 2011

there you go..

Its been a while again
pretty cool weekend. hit some good snow and an exhilarating night session. I never knew the mountain could be so majestic in the dark. Forgot to take pictures :(

Now its back to the weekdays. Shitty shitty week days.
Today was a lonely day. the thought of reality that slowly sinks back into your bones. My soul quakes at the very thought of the future. I then realize nothing can ever be planned in the long run. No promise means more than a promise made with crossed fingers. Words are just words. Hugs are just hugs. Where is the sentimental value that lies within? dreams get junked eventually and hopes get watered down to grainy remnants. I miss that summer of my life. I just hope I can get over what I had to leave back there in time to save what's left of me


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

saddy tuesday

Exams! Why must they exist!?

Got the board resharpened and waxed. Just waiting on a saturday to try some jumps. News is that is has been dumping up at the mountain.


Friday, March 4, 2011


Had a very rare day yesterday. Up at the mountain on a thursday! Spent the entire day in the park hitting rails and jumps! Learned a few new tricks and shredded some fresh snow!
Unfortunately, I injured myself learning it. Twisted shoulder and a few bruised ribs.. mum was quite appalled!

Oh well. It was very much worth the pain! Hopefully I will be okay by sunday. Cant wait!