Wednesday, March 23, 2011

ups and downs...spring is here is coming to a!

Sittin on the couch unable to sleep like normal people do at this time :). Staying up late definitely messes with the mind a little bit. For better or worse. Some days it feels depressing, like nothing is going to improve. With finals coming just around the corner I really should get cracking but its tough for sure!
Birthday is just around the corner on saturday and this weekend is going to be super busy! Mike & Sean are coming from Edmonton for a visit and I shall be glad to see them and Amie as well.
Thursday should be a wack day. I hope I can fit some snowboarding into my schedule. Its all pretty hectic seeing as we have to scrap most of the footage we worked so hard to shoot. Oh well. I just hope it doesn't push the release date too far back. Perhaps we may get 100% keep/approve-able footage. Throw in  a mix of jibbing as well as some cliff drops.
So many things need attention right now that it feels like my head might explode. but then, stepping back and observing from afar.. it seems that life is quite empty. Perhaps I should just take a stance and stick with it...?

I might have posted this video before, but im sure ill post it again in the future. love!


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