Monday, March 14, 2011

there you go..

Its been a while again
pretty cool weekend. hit some good snow and an exhilarating night session. I never knew the mountain could be so majestic in the dark. Forgot to take pictures :(

Now its back to the weekdays. Shitty shitty week days.
Today was a lonely day. the thought of reality that slowly sinks back into your bones. My soul quakes at the very thought of the future. I then realize nothing can ever be planned in the long run. No promise means more than a promise made with crossed fingers. Words are just words. Hugs are just hugs. Where is the sentimental value that lies within? dreams get junked eventually and hopes get watered down to grainy remnants. I miss that summer of my life. I just hope I can get over what I had to leave back there in time to save what's left of me


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