Sunday, June 19, 2011


I have been looking forward all week towards saturday to finally strap into the snowboard and slash some lines. But alas! Woke up this morning and found myself staring out at a gloomy rainy day. Just the though of having to deal with soggy gear was a little too much for me. I had to already deal with a few of those sessions earlier this year while filming. I can assure anyone the trade off is hardly worth it. Now that when I look back on it I am surprised I didn't catch my death doing it so often. the knees could use a break from the beatings.

It's been nice not having to drive for the past few days. Makes a huge difference when it comes to your inner spirit if you believe in that stuff. Just a few days ago, I caught the late bus instead of driving home from Cory's and it was quite nice being able to sleep or contemplate on life's little dramas. I used to bus home late quite often back in high school and I enjoyed almost every minute of it going home. I think everybody has to take a break sometime and bus if they have the option. Having some time alone to yourself does wonders, even if its for only a few minutes...

I dont even know what I'm writing anymore. Its way too late to function past 1am... going to hit the sack now. brb.


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