Saturday, April 23, 2011

sunny saturday :)

Some times, i dont know if i should be grateful for a sunny day or not. You really do carry yourself in a different manner on a bright day as opposed to the gloomy cloudy ones. I'm really beginning to miss the friends at college.  I have one more final on tuesday so thats something to look forward to finishing :)

Matty released the trailer for our upcoming film. Its all looking good but im feeling like i need to push myself alot more to get in the parts. Nonetheless, were pushing production back to next season (procrastination survives but limps on!) so I should have plenty of time to practice.
Drove the fat van around today for the first time. Whipping the thing around downtown is definitely less agile and playful than the SUV. Almost side swipp'd a few pedestrians going through gastown haha.

Just got a call from Ty saying that he's stuck out somewhere between here and poco. with a broken radiator. I hope he can get there in one piece haha


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